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FollowerThon Learning Forum

FollowerThon Learning Forum's main objective is to create a like-minded person digital community where everyone loves to follow each other on various social networking websites & build learners & followers' communities. FollowerThon starting various types of online courses, content creation events, live events, etc.

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Yogesh M. A.

Founder of FollowerThon & Digital Influencer Trainer

YogeshMA has 10+ years of training experience in Digital Leadership. He teaches super busy business owners & celebrities and helps them to become Influencer on digital neighborhood marketplaces.

YogeshMA started FollowerThon Learning Forum for his influencer students so that they can showcase or promote their activities in the digital neighborhood.

Online Courses

For Business owners

YogeshMA starting his online introductory courses, as well as his many student's introductory courses, also will be available on the FollowerThon platform. 

Weekly Live Events

By Industry Leaders and Experts

FollowerThon is organizing weekly live learning from various industry experts on various topics. Our objective is to organize 1000 Topics and 1000 Speakers' live sessions.

Our Story

YogeshMA started its Digital Leadership Training program in the year 2012. He helps super busy business owners to become an influencer in just two hours training program. In his training, YogeshMA helps business owners to create a digital system that works for them 24x7. YogeshMA is also a Digital Growth Partner for various events.

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