Yogesh M. A.'s Two hours Signature Workshops for Super busy business owners.

Yogesh M. A.'s 

Blogger Influencer program

Start your own personal Blog in just two hours training in offline or online workshop. You can have your own personal blog under your own domain name as well as you will connect your blog to your social media sites. We will guide you about personal branding strategies for your online digital presence.

Yogesh M. A.s 

Talkshow & Podcast Content Creator Program

Learn, unlearn and relearn various types of content ideas  

Would you like to become a content creator? Would you like to start your own Talkshow? Simply participate in our online or offline 121 session and start creating content and build your personal brand on digital neighbourhood marketplaces.

Yogesh M. A.'s Trending Initiative

Start your own E-commerce Website

Learn how to create your own E-commerce website in just two hours online or offline training.

You can create your own E-commerce website in just two hours training by Yogesh M. A.

Yogesh M. A.'s Trending Initiative 

Book Writing & Publishing Program

We will inspire you, motivate you, guide you to write your own book and publish your book. Anyone can buy your book from many parts of the world through various online digital platforms. 

You can build your own personal brand, E-commerce website, Your own books, Start your own Blog, Talkshows, Podcasting etc.

What Makes Us Experts?

Varied areas of expertise

Skills in understanding of Wants and Needs

Corporate experience

Wide array of experience in engaging audience

Leading domain experts and Influencers as course instructors and mentors

Knowledge and Personal Experiences to Problem Solving

Experiential Learnings
For Super Busy Business Owners
Hinglish Language